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According to an investigative report from the Rainforest Action Network, 33 of the world’s “Big Banks” have invested more than $1.9 trillion in fossil fuel projects since the Paris Climate Agreement was adopted in 2016.
These banks are expanding their investments each year, despite UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently sending an urgent warning of dire climate consequences if we continue with the status quo.
Simply put, the world’s “Big Banks” are profiting from climate change while driving us closer and closer to climate catastrophe.
These “Big Banks” are using our money to destroy the planet, and it’s time for us to stop them.
Join the movement in demanding “Big Banks” stop investing in projects tied to climate change and environmental destruction. In doing so, pledge to move your money from banks from a destructive system into a new, just, equitable banking system.
By signing this petition you’ll send a clear message to “Big Banks” that the days of profiting from climate change are over.
You’ll also receive the full contents of an investigative report on “Big Banks” and the Climate Crisis that is breathtaking to read.
We have no more time to wait, we must act now.
Good Money is the first banking platform in history powered by the people, in service of the planet. We’re flipping banking on its head by making every customer an owner, with real Good Shares.
With Good Money there are no account minimums, no account fees, no hidden fees, free ATMs at 35,000 locations nationally, depositors earn 4% on their money (2% cash plus 2% Good Shares) and 50% of profits are directed to social and environmental justice.
We are bringing together a global community of citizens to solve the biggest challenges in the history of our species by changing the banking system for Good.
Banks are owned by bankers, Good Money is owned by you.
Linda G April 15, 2019 12:06 pm "I'm signing this because investing in climate change has no place in our society. It is insane that the big banks are investing MORE money in projects linked to climate change when every country in the world is working to stop global warming. Divest!"
Karen F Feb 13, 2019 10:30 am "Protect the planet! Be the change we need!"
John S Jan 20, 2019 11:37 am "It's shameful and unethical to finance activities you know will result in the harm of others. Pollution kills 1.7mm children every year, and does untold environmental damage. It's past time banks STOP profiting while people and planet suffer."